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How I designed my own website

By on September 12th, 2020

Designing things for myself and my brand I have often struggled with.

I am comfortable with creating things for other clients as I have always done in my career. However, given the task of setting up on my own, creating a logo, brand and a website was a daunting task.

I started with my logo which I have had for a few months and this also gave me a colour palette to use. These I used to design my flyer and business card.

The difficult part was to design my website……………MIND BLOCK!

Being a creative person I often find it difficult to turn ‘my creative mind’ off, but with my site…….NOTHING!

I wanted it all but had no direction. How can I sum up myself and what I offer with a website design.

I had to be my own client

After given some guidance from Business Wales who helped me with a direction, strategy and a plan of action, I began by pretending I was my own client. My client – Myself, had a brief, had services to offer that needed to be shown and sold. I had to separate myself from my own work. I had to take in to account of creating something that not only my client (Myself) would like, but also that potential clients would like and understand what I was selling.



With my new client – Myself, I began putting pen to paper and sketching a website design to meet my client’s needs.

From there I also started writing content that sold my clients services. Bullet pointing services that can be read easily and quickly, but also breaking down the jargon of complicated services that some people find confusing.

Once I got the ball rolling, I couldn’t stop. I became obsessed with my website design, which has never happened.

As you can see I have added a blog to my site and plan on creating posts as often as I can.

Having a website does take time to create, build and maintain. It will grow, expand and change as my business progresses. A website is the shop window to your business – make it your own and stand out from the crowd!

If you build it, (they) he will come

This is true for businesses whom have a premises, a shop, restaurant, store etc but online presence if very different. You have to promote, direct, lead and drive people towards your website in order for it to be seen.

Social media is a great marketing tool to get your message out there, but if these’s posts and advertisements don’t lead anywhere then the effort will be wasted.

Without driving traffic and users to your website, then it will fall in rankings and be lost.

When you do lead users to your website, making sure they stay is another thing. There has to be a reason from them to stay and look at the site. This is where good, interesting content or purchasing of products that you offer is key.

Alway’s write content on your website first, then share it and drive users towards your website.

Being a creative person, this website will never be complete and will change in time. I do welcome any feedback, suggestions or ideas if anyone wants to contact me.

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